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Located in Wantirna South, Professional Conveyancing Services (PCS) is very much a Family owned and operated business in excess of 30 years. PCS was established in Glen Waverley in 1986 and was one of the first practicing Conveyancing firms in Victoria and prides themselves on professional and friendly services for you… The Client.

Founding Principal, Pauline Barrow, has been instrumental in pioneering the Conveyancing profession for others who have chosen Conveyancing as a career path.

After completing a Business Course in the 1970’s, Pauline began her professional career in the legal services market, firstly working in legal firms for 10 years and thereafter in her own Conveyancing firm established in 1986. She is a hands-on Conveyancer but is also interested in seeing her profession grow within Victoria and nationally and therefore has taken on numerous roles at an executive level within the Conveyancing Profession. Pauline is a founding member of the Victorian Conveyancers’ Association which is now the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Victorian Division) and has been at the head of the field as the Victorian State President and National President of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers.


Our Services

Professional Conveyancing Services is fully licensed to undertake conveyancing in Victoria. Some of our services are listed below.


If you’re selling property in Victoria, you will be required to provide a purchaser with a statement in accordance with section 32 of thE Sale of Land Act 1962 before the purchaser signs the contract.


Whether you’re purchasing or selling, you’ll need an experienced conveyancer to undertake the legal aspect of your transaction to protect your interest.


If you’re selling or purchasing a commercial property, it’s important that the contract correctly reflects the GST component of the sale. PCS is qualified to undertake commercial conveyancing.


If you’re subdividing or consolidating land in Victoria, PCS can prepare the relevant application, obtain mortgagee consent, and lodge the file on your behalf.


No two property transactions are the same, and contract conditions can be unfavourable to purchasers. Before purchasing a property, it is best to obtain legal advice.


PCS can undertake and provide advice with respect to stamp duty obligations and transfers of property from trusts, or between family members.


If you don’t choose the right Conveyancer, the transfer can become a nightmare. By choosing PCS we will ensure that your experience is as pleasant as possible.
We are professionals who do much more. We apply our wide knowledge to advise and direct clients when making an important decision to buy or sell and we check that the client is getting what they agreed to and attend to the transfer.

We represent you, not the agent. As your independent adviser, we should be consulted about the meaning of the contract and related documents before you sign. We can identify and provide relevant conditions to protect your interests – particularly if you are a purchaser.
Fees are important but not the only consideration. A lesser fee often reflects less time, less expertise or less care and often involves trading price for risk and quality. We aim to keep our fees to a minimum, but we do not cut corners as we need to ensure you will get what you contracted for.

Conveyancing is primarily the process of transferring the ownership in property. However, before this occurs there is much investigation and enquiries which precedes the final process.

A Conveyancer means a person, other than a current practitioner or interstate practitioner, who carries on a business in the course of which conveyancing work is carried out directly or indirectly for fee or reward. As from the 1st July 2008 Conveyancers are required to be Licensed under the Conveyancers Act 2006 in order to carry on business as a Conveyancer.

It is important that you explain carefully your personal situation and exactly what you want. Explain anything that may have an influence on your transaction. Finance needs to be discussed and any time limits preferred.

There is nothing legally wrong with using the same conveyancer, however, it is generally not recommended. Your conveyancer is working for you and to give you the best advice and guidance throughout your transaction.
It is not always possible to give a buyer and seller the same advice as a conflict can arise. Sometimes these conflicts are only small but can have a large bearing on your transaction and it is not always possible to predict when a conflict may arise. The small amount of savings made, if any, when using the same conveyancer will not balance out the risks that are potentially huge. Large delays can be experienced if the conveyancer cannot continue to act for either party if a conflict of interest arises.
Remember that conveyancing is not just the filling out of forms and attending to stamp duty payments. This may be the largest transaction of your life and you will want to know that your conveyancer is acting in your best interests and not compromising with someone else’s at the same time. Have comfort of mind by using your own conveyancer.

Many estate agents refer clients to a local conveyancer. There is nothing wrong with this practice so long as it is based on the professionalism and expertise of the conveyancer. If you don’t know a conveyancer then this referral may be helpful to you.
Keep in mind that the conveyancer is there to protect your interests and you should feel confident with them.

Yes. The sale of real estate requires a contract to be in writing and in Victoria, there is a requirement for a vendor under a Contract of Sale for the sale of real estate to give to the purchaser before he or she signs the contract a statement signed by the vendor and include in the contract a statement (known as a Vendor’s Statement) containing various matters specified under Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act 1962. If all or part of the information or documents required to be given to a Purchaser is not provided, the Purchaser may rescind any contract for the sale of real estate. It is therefore important if you are going to sell without an agent that you should consult your Conveyancer before you do anything further.

Our Team

Meet the team behind Professional Conveyancing Services who are available to answer any of your conveyancing queries.

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What our Clients Say

We appreciate the clear advice and reassurance given, the willing response to all our questions, and the friendly approach shown by Pauline, Bre and Jesse throughout this process

K. pOLLARD & c. Parkes

Thanks so much for all your assistance, advice and guidance in representing me for the purchase of my new home. I'm so glad I was recommended to your firm, and will gladly recommend you to anyone who needs a Conveyancer.


We have really appreciated all your work particularly over the past 3 months on 3 different properties. We always feel so confident having you manage our settlements for us. Thanks again for everything and we’ll be in touch once we find our next project.



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